April 2nd, 2004


It bit him in the ass..

So last night, I'm playing Hold'em online with Earnie at Ultimate Bet (UB). We're playing $.50/1.00 No Limit Hold'em. You can't call that, that's too much for you !!!! We're having a good time, there is one dude that is on major tilt. He keeps getting flushed out, straightened out on the River. His hands would not hold to save his life. So Earnie, the Narrator (random player), and myself are badgering him, making him more tilty. We're having a few laughs when Earnie calls me on the phone. I had folded my hand and Earnie in a relative late position asks me if he should call his 6s 9s. I say hell yeah if you can get in cheap. You know how the saying goes. Big Lick never loses. So Earnie get's in cheap. flop comes 6 9 x. Hah. Checks around to him. He throws a buck at it. Turn comes a 6. Wooo Hoooooooo I start (singing like a little child) Earnie's getting paid. Earnie's getting paid. River comes a 6 !!!! Earnie hit quads with his big lick. Checks to him. I tell him to throw 10 bucks at it. He get's a caller. Cha Ching !!! A few hands later he's got a nut flush A 3 or something like that. Player ahead of him pushes all in. Earnie calls. Other player had a 10 high flush. Cha Ching.

I, myself am the worst player. I limped in with Kc 9c. Flop comes 9c A? x? Player ahead of me bet's 5. I think, okay, my hand doesn't look so bad. I'm gonna try and steal it right now. I raise the POT. The other player thinks for maybe a second and goes all-in. Oops I stepped on a big one. It was 12 dollars more for me to call and I was committed about 25-30 more bucks. I think about it for a few seconds, then I say what the hell. Turn 9, river King. I have 9's full of Kings against his.. you guessed it, 2 pair. Aces and Kings. This guy stuck around for awhile. I thought he was on tilt, but he controlled himself. Sometimes I should feel ashamed of myself, but not really.

I left after awhile due to connection problems... What do I see in my box this morning.. mail from Earnie..... I lost it all. He went up against quads 2 times after I left and managed to lose everything he had, which was considerable with the cards he had been getting earlier.

That's no limit hold'em.....