June 17th, 2004


Good People

The other night, I'm heading to the Poker Palace to get a 10/20 game started. I'm backing up on a hill in the Jeep and step out when dealer Bob asks me, "Is that Jeep 4wd?". I told him that it was. A little bizarre, but then the next request made total sense...

"Hey Ji, can you help me out. I spun off the exit ramp on 400 earlier today and my car is in a ditch. Can you pull me out? I've got a cable we can use."

I'm thinking, sure no sweat. I suppose the Jeep can do it. I've never put it to any kind of test like this. I'm thinking Bob has some heavy duty cable we can use. He's they handy man around the house. I got real skeptical when he started digging through the garage and bundled up an outdoor extension cable. Oh lord. Fuggit, I'm not gonna say anything, we'll give it a shot. We get to the car, it's way down in a ditch, barely visible next to a tree covered by leaves. This is the exit ramp to head I-285 westbound coming off of GA 400 North. It's got bad written all over it. The exit ramp is long and curvy and blind corner for anyone exiting. Immediately someone stopped in a pick-up truck when he noticed what we were trying to accomplish. We were in finishing up strapping the (funny to me now) extension cable to the bumpers of both cars. The guy in the truck offered a rope. I told him we'd try this first. Ready to go, extension cable doubled over, drop the Jeep into 4 low, vrooom vrooom. cable snapped immediately.

Okay time for the Rope. At this time another gentleman stopped in a Lexus, making sure everyone was alright, basically a stopper by to see what the hell was going on. We hook up the rope and try again. the Jeep barely struggles, the Civic rolls out of the ditch. Go Jeep Go. Bob has a flat, we get him on the shoulder, hand the rope back and give our many thanks to the 2 passers.

I'm generally a skeptic when it comes to the good nature of people. I really like say thank you to the random person in the Ford Pickup truck with handy dandy heavy duty rope. I have new faith in the good will of other humans.