October 27th, 2004


Hand of the day

Here is some background.

Playing 1-2 NL hold'em. I've got about 200 in chips. A few hands earlier I had gotten away with a relative steal. There was a 1 dollar small blind, 2 dollor big, a straddle to 4, another straddle to 6, I straddle for 8, player to the right straddles, 10, another player straddles 12. 6 callers for 12 before it comes back to me. I made a move with Kh 10h. I raised it to 80. A few people think about calling, but ultimately everyone folds. pocket 7's folded.

This is the hand of the night.
A few hands later, it get's straddled up to 10. I had pocket 8's. I think I straddled for 6 this time. It was my turn to act. Everyone had called to this point. Everyone had called. I thought about making a move, but I didn't feel too good about my 8's so I just called. Sure as shit, the guy that straddled for 10 raised the pot to 75. Fuck fuck fuck, I knew I should have made the move. 2 callers before it was time to act. Normally I would have called the 75, but my 8's had to be behind with 2 callers. I mucked them. What would you have done?

before you look at the outcome of the hand would you have done it differently than I did? It ended up being about a 400 dollar pot, with 1 all in pre-flop.

flop comes A 4 3. I felt good about my fold. Turn comes another A. Now I'm thinking my hand was good... no way.. soemone had to have an Ace. River comes a 7.

hands revealed.

Initial raiser - pocket 5's
1st caller mucked - probably 2 painted cards.
Winner of the hand - the all in 6d 7d. He won on the river.
My pocket 8's would have dragged the pot.


(no subject)

I quit smoking 2 days ago.
I'm on the patch.

I have too much nervous energy.
I'm loopy.
I'll say, do anything at this point.
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