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when did i write last? can't remember. long time coming. where's my lemon cookie? i just ate a sugar one. i found 2 things sunday afternoon. well the first item i didn't actually find, but my sister did. she was digging through old t-shirts that are in the use for washing car piles. she asked how to cut up a particular shirt, which happened to be my 5th anniversary duprees t-shirt. jaws wide open.... don't cut that shirt, i've been looking for that shirt for years. i am once re-united with one of my favorite rags.

digging through one of the closets in my bedroom. i have to clear out space to move more junk in there. my sister's boyfriend alex has moved in, so he needs the closet in my old bedroom. I digress. at any rate i'm cleaning, making space when i come across 2 large vinyl bags filled with junk. low and behold it's not junk, my mother had filled these 2 vinyl bags on one of her previous visits with my kayaking gear. this is gear i had been looking for for the past 2 years. when it comes to lending items, i have a poor memory. I had written off the gear as lent to someone. yay, i know how 3 spray skirts, 2 pfds, 2 helmets, shorty spray top and a long sleeved spray top. essentially all i was looking for were the skirts. when it comes to paddling flat water during warm weather, give me a skirt, paddle and a boat and i'm good to go. i'm glad i did not bite the bullet to buy new skirts, those damn things cost an arm and a leg now. i remember (sounding like an old fart now) when those things were 50 bucks.... now they're 150. i gotta figure out how to get the boats to the water now. maybe i'll just tie the boats down to the windshield and roll bars on the jeep. i don't know yet. i'm a pretty resourceful fella.

card talk. i've been playing a hell of a lot of cards lately. almost too much, i'm not enjoying it as i did in the past. it's almost become an addiction. with the convenience of gaming online.. i'm doomed. there are moments when i enjoy it. one hand in particular last night. i played 10h 7h in a late position playing quarter/fifty (cents) no limit at Royal Vegas. the flop came 6h 8h 10? top pair, gut shot straight draw, flush draw. i liked that flop. i bet like 50 cents maybe. turn shows a 9d. woo hoo.... nut straight on the turn. i throw a dollar at the pot and it get's raised. of course i only call at this point. don't want to scare the action away. river turns a 9h, giving me the holy grail for that hand and straight flush. it also paired the board, woo hooooooo. so i check and the only other player pushes all-in. unfortunately it was only like 5 bucks or so. i can't call fast enough. after he sees the hands his comments are.... "that was retarded." hahah. it's those moments that make cards exciting for me. of course any player can win a hand with the nuts, good or bad. i don't care what category i fall in, i'll take them any day. in the same game i also flopped set of 3's and turned 4 of kind. i do question the RNG for online gaming rooms. seems to me that there is a higher frequency of improbable hands going against each other in a pot.

what else. my poor neglected triumph that hadn't been ridden in about 5 months is back on the road. I took some time on sunday afteroon to take care of some much needed chain maintenance and general washing. rob just bought himself a fancy set of leathers. i have leather envy now. his suit fits me better than my suit fits me. grrrrrrrr. but that means that we'll be carving up some asphalt in north georgia soon. bikes bikes bikes... so many i want, 2 too many that i've got to pay off first. there is a beautiful Agusta F4 SPR on the showroom floor at Atlanta Ducati Triumph. Anyone have 30K to spare in a long term 0 interest loan? the smile on my face should be enough gratification for you to know that your money was well spent. if not, i'll settle for a ducati 998. if you feel that is too much how about an 04 yamaha R1. time to get tmhsiao on the road on 2 wheels. he has a bandit. what a great name for bike. when i grow up i wanna be a bandit.

my life is in disarray. lately i've misplaced a lot of things. i'll tear up my room looking for an item, nothing anything that i would hide, like a cd case full of movies, only to find something else that i was looking for. 3 items i can't find but in search of. title to the ex500, headset extension cord for my chatterbox, and said cd case full of movies. i've got too much stuff just lying around. oh well. i usually don't notice the stuff until i'm in search of one particular piece of stuff. usually i get by pretty simply. my bed is my friend. i have a very special relationship with my bed. i love my bed, but i don't LOVE my bed.

i've prioritized more outdoor activity this season, i.e.... getting back on the rocks and water. rocktown here i come.

i am an anti-christ, and i am an anarchist. don't know what i want, but i know how to get it. i want to destroy, the support agents down the street, cuz i...... wanna be...... focused.

Started Tai Chi instruction with batnandu and tmhsiao. cool stuff. i love the meditation aspect of it. i suck at the forms right. well i feel like i suck at them because the movements do not feel natural to me. i come from the school of tae-kwon-do where all the movements are very linear. Tai Chi is very fluid, more circular movements. it's not that i can't adapt to those movements, they just feel very unnatural that the moment.

god dammit, i lost a nipple ring 2 weeks ago in the shower. i had this one problem nipple ring where the cap (end piece) would always come out. well for the longest time, a month or 2 i just kinda let it go with just 1 cap piece until 2 weeks ago, it slipped out of my nipple and down the shower drain. no big deal, i'll just a get a new piece of jewelry when i get around to it. i should be okay, the ring had been in my nipple for at least 2 years. well on saturday past i'm in town so i stopped at KoLo. new jewelry. i'm excited. at the bass lofts i tried to run it through my nipple. the damned hole closed up. i think it's probably a little membrane that formed. it's gonna hurt to push it through again. i dunno if i'm just gonna ram the jewelry through or suck it up and pay someone to pierce it again. when i get around to it... one of those things. i love that phrase... taken from DeNiro in heat... when are you gonna.. standard answer: when i get around to it.

i'm done...
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